ARK Server Cluster Progression

Today I will be releasing the overall progression of the ARK server cluster based on how I would like to move through the ARK maps. This is based on overall progression of the server. If anyone completes the prerequisites, then the next ARK will be booted up. Not to worry, all maps can be loaded at the same time and this will not be a concern on the server-side. The prerequisites are simply just to beat the Gamma level “boss” of each level, if the map even has a Gamma level. If the map in question does not have a Gamma boss, beating all the bosses at least once will be enough. While this may seem easy, as Gamma can be accomplished quickly, the whole point is not to waste time and have to grind to get to and past Alpha to unlock the next map. Please feel free to let me know on discord what thoughts may come up, but in the meantime, enjoy the brief info-graphic below.